Ask Glossie: Did Your Guy Just Downgrade Your Date?

As if dating wasn’t stressful enough, we can all add one more worry to our list: being date downgraded. For example, if you have a date scheduled for a Saturday night dinner, they call and switch it to Thursday drinks. You have just been date downgraded!

Now, before you let your heart sink, there are a few legitimate reasons why your date changed your serious plans to something more casual.

Instead of saying they didn’t budget accordingly for a more upscale place, they might just suggest meeting for drinks! Grabbing drinks, especially during the weekday means happy hour specials, which equals a less expensive date, and they still get to see you!

If this is a first date, they may feel they don’t know you well enough to spend the Saturday night prime time with you. So, instead of cancelling, they may suggest something more casual.

No time
Okay, some people are totally lying when they say an unexpected project was just sprung on them at work, but your date may actually be pressed for time. So, this one is definitely a judgment call, but I will say you can usually tell if someone is blowing you off; don’t be afraid to follow your gut!

Of course, college guys don't always have the money to take you out to expensive dinners. The most important thing is to notice how much effort they put in, whether it's cooking a simple meal together or something swankier. However, if your date consistently downgrades your dates and never takes you on a "real" date, that might be a warning he's just not that into you.

By Jaclyn Smock | Image: Alexa Rank

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