The Single College Girl’s Guide for Summer

It’s summertime, and for most girls, that means fun in the sun, a summer job, and a summer romance. But maybe you have everything going for you except for that summer love. How’s a girl supposed to deal when all of her girlfriends are coupled up and happily in love?

Here a few tips to have your happiest summer as a single girl:

Keep busy

Thinking about boys all the time won’t help with being single this summer. Get some new and exciting hobbies, and enlist your friends to come along for the ride. Get a summer job, work on your resume, go shopping with the girls, read blogs, spend time with the siblings, or discover new music. Before long, you’ll have an awesome summer life and hardly any room for a boyfriend.

Don’t listen to sappy love songs

We all love when that adorable song comes on, and we’re swept up into a hopeless romantic state. But honestly, those songs will make you want that special someone in your life, or they’ll take you back to the time when you once had that. Instead, make playlists full of songs about being single, like Jason DeRulo’s “Ridin’ Solo” and “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. These songs are sure to get you moving and remind you that it’s totally fun to be single.

Keep chick flick watching to a minimum

Watching chick flicks is, like, a right of passage into womanhood. It’s common knowledge that it’s best to watch with all your girlfriends and some chocolate nearby. But these romantic comedies and love stories will fill your head with all sorts of unwanted fantasies, and, over time, you’ll crave male attention in your life. I’m not saying throw away your beloved collection—just cut back on how much you watch. Check out these new movies with your pals and switch up the old routine.

Have fun

If you’re determined to have fun, you will. Get together with some friends and create a summer bucket list. Your list can include: going on a road trip, going camping, or seeing your favorite band in concert. Take advantage of the opportunities you have this summer. Soon, you’ll be back in school studying Microeconomics with the world’s worst teacher–wouldn’t you rather have a summer filled with fun and friends than one spent wishing you had a boyfriend?

Embrace your singleness

Girls everywhere dream about having a cute male companion, but if you don’t have a boyfriend this summer, it’s okay. This might just be a season of your life where you can learn more about yourself. Being content isn’t a destination; it’s more of a road and a constant journey. Having a great summer as a single girl will only be possible with the right attitude. And hey, let’s face it, boyfriends need attention. If you’ve been in and out of relationships for a while, view this summer as a vacation from the guys. Make this summer all about you.

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  1. This was good Hal .. lovve ya and keep on doing what you are doing .. <3 Bettina :D


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