Going Out Without Going Broke

Now that summer is in full swing, many of us found ourselves with more free time to have fun. Although a night on the town is certainly a good way to let loose, it’s not exactly friendly on your wallet. Use these thrifty tips to maintain your social schedule without going broke this summer:


Sometimes, the most expensive part of an evening out is shopping for the perfect outfit. It’s easy find a fabulous dress or cute shoes on the cheap if you look at stores like Forever 21 or H&M. Although the interior of these stores can look like a hot mess of stripes and florals, search for classic cuts in basic colors for an elegant yet affordable look. Add your own accessories, a cute clutch or purse, and some heels to a simple black dress to look like a million bucks.


Don’t have one of those nights when you wake up the next morning, check your bank account, and realize that you spent $100 on shots and beers for everyone at the bar. Instead, throw a pre-game party at your house before going out and have everyone bring a drink of their choice. If you catch a little buzz before hitting the bar, you can get through the whole evening with buying only one or two drinks. If your goal is to spend as little as possible, ask for a sparkling water at the bar so you won’t feel awkward without something in your hand.


If you’re traveling far to your final destination, or going to a few different places in one night, cab fare and parking costs add up quickly. Fumbling for cash in the back of a cab is never fun, especially when you realize you’ve spent $20 before the night has even started. Look up the bus or train routes in your neighborhood before going out, and make sure to check what time they stop running for the night. Although public transportation can be a drag and less glamorous than riding in a car, it’s the best way to travel because it’s cheap, large groups can stick together, and no one has to be the designated driver.

Cover charges and drink deals

Cover charges at the swanky clubs can kill your budget. A lot of times, promotional companies can get girls into the club for free and even provide free bottle service if you reserve a table for a large group. Follow nightlife promoters on Twitter or search around for their Facebook page–getting an awesome deal is all about knowing the right people. You can also save money by researching the happy hour deals and nightly drink specials at the bars in your area. Share a $3 pitcher of beer or a half-price appetizer with a friend for a cheap and fun night on the town.

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