Five Reasons to Wait

Guy meets girl. Guy and girl like each other. Guy and girl get married and live happily ever after…right? Unfortunately, this is not how a love story typically goes; dating in college and beyond is far from this simple fairytale. There are many frogs most of us have to encounter before we get to our prince. This makes the task of picking the right guy extremely confusing.

Adding sex to this already confusing situation can complicate matters further. So what are smart, savvy, and attractive girls like us to do? Though there are many images in the media that glorify the highs and lows of sexually adventurous women, maybe our real-life approach to dating should be a little more conservative. How about waiting to have sex with our male suitors? Well, of course, this is an option. Here are five reasons why you should consider putting off sex while dating:

You get to truly know your guy

According to, our brains release a neuro-chemical called dopamine during sex. Dopamine is associated with craving and bonding. This means having sex too early with your guy may cause you to develop feelings for him quickly. His negative attributes may not become clear until after you’ve already fallen for him. By getting to know your guy on a non-physical level first, you can better gauge his character and decide if he is truly the one for you.

You can develop a deeper connection beyond sex

Abstaining from sex with your guy will allow the two of you to find out what you have in common. For a healthy relationship to flourish, you must develop an intimacy with your mate that is beyond the physical.

You gain his respect by respecting yourself

It’s important for a guy to respect and like you. The respect of a guy you truly care for can never be earned by engaging in sex with him prematurely. Though your guy may be attracted to you and enjoy having sex right away, it is unlikely he will want to pursue a meaningful relationship with you in the future. Waiting to have sex until you are positive of your relationship says you place a value on your body and your mind. Therefore, he will too.

You preserve your self-esteem and your health

Sex is special. Giving your body to someone who is not your perfect match may cause you to have feelings of regret and shame, which can affect your self-esteem. Additionally, having sex increases your chances of getting pregnant and contracting sexually transmitted infections, even if contraception is used. By waiting to have sex, you allow yourself to make more informed choices about sex and your relationships.

Sex will be more meaningful after waiting

There is no fixed amount of time to wait before having sex. However, one rarely regrets waiting to have sex until she is sure. Though many of you reading this list may consider waiting to be unrealistic, doing this will allow you to screen a guy and discover his true intentions. Someone that refuses to respect your decision to wait is clearly not the one. With that being said, what do you think about waiting to have sex?

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  1. You are so right, meaningful sex should be with someone you can fully trust. We only have one body to love and share, and should take care of it.


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