Brave the Colorblocking Trend

If you tend to stick to a fashion uniform of neutral hues and color palettes (gray, taupe, tan, white, black – the list continues) then mixing it up and trying new things is often a challenge. I usually find myself out shopping and grabbing the same colors, well the same neutral colors, only to come home and put these pieces next to oh-so-similar ones in my closet. Summer is a bright and cheerful time, and our wardrobes should reflect that. I love a pair of black dress shorts and a silky, tan tank, but I have decided that there needs to be some fun in summer attire.

This brings me to a new trend that’s taking daringly stylish celebs by storm: colorblocking. You’ve seen it on stars like Kim Kardashian and Olivia Wilde, but you’re too afraid to try it for yourself. No more fear, girls! The simple solution to trying anything new and stepping out of your comfort zone is to take small steps. Take your tried and true neutral pieces and throw in a fluorescent hue, or two (which would be even better). Take that tan or taupe flowy tank top and cinch it at the waist with a fluorescent skinny belt; think teal or pink. Super simple and delicate, yet fashion forward and so summer-esque. Another good idea is to pair simple, tan shorts with a coral top and some wedges with yellow detailing. Too much color in that example? Try a bright bag with your fave neutral dress to brighten your look.

Trust me, once you give the bright shades a try and start mixing it up, you will fall right into colorblocking and LOVE it. It’s all about treating one solid color as a neutral and playing with it. Just think bright blue top, black shorts and red, strappy flat sandals. You’ll be a stand-out fashionista in your own right.

It’s all about brightening up the monotonous color landscape of your current wardrobe, with a couple chic hues.

By: Ashley Mancini | Image: Source

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  1. Looooove this post, and colorblocking! How about how popular those Gucci looks have been this spring? Such a great look to imitate :)


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