5 Summer Must-Haves for Every College Girl's Closet

There are certain things that should be in every girl’s closet. For instance, every girl needs a fabulous little black dress, a great pair of boots, a comfy blazer, and cute accessories. The same concept applies for summertime. Here are a few simple summer essentials that should be in your closet right now:

The Maxi Dress

This trend has been going on for a few summers now, and it doesn’t look like this summer will be any different. There are so many great maxi dresses to choose from. You can style a patterned maxi dress for a chill bohemian look or dress up a solid maxi dress with statement jewelry for a classier elegant look. Either way you style it, your maxi dress will look great because it’s an item that’s just so appropriate for summer. Tip: make sure your dress fits well and doesn’t drag on the ground. If you’re on the short side, try pairing your dress with a cute pair of wedges.

Summer Tote

Your everyday bag just won’t do for your summer activities. Whether you’re headed to the beach or pool, you’re going to need a stylish summer tote to hold your sunscreen, towels, and other important items. Try to look for a beach-y straw tote or something fun and colorful. Tip: try to get a tote that’ll match your swim suit or cover-up to look more put together.

Nail Polish

Who doesn’t love nail polish? I think every girl can appreciate a good mani/pedi. While some of us are usually too busy during the school year to do our nails, a lot of has now have extra time to take care of them during the summer. This summer’s hottest nail polish colors are big, bright primary colors, like blue, yellow, and purple. Tip: O.P.I always has the most beautiful, rich colors and is often worth the few extra dollars.


People underestimate the power of good wedge sandals--they’re not as harsh on your feet as heels, yet still manage to make your legs look great while giving you some extra height. Wedges are wonderful paired up with sundresses, maxi dresses, ankle jeans, and even a good pair of tailored shorts. Tip: even if you’re not a big heels fan, give wedges a chance. You might change your mind once your see they’re not as hard to walk in.

Chic Sunglasses

Sunglasses are to summer as salt is to pepper. They go hand in hand and are the perfect couple. Sunnies come in all shapes, sizes, and styles; they protect your eyes from the sun; and, face it, they make you look really cool and slightly mysterious. Tip: When purchasing new sunnies, try to get a second or third opinion. You need to make sure they’ll work for your face. Make it a rule to never buy sunnies unless you’ve tried them on or are positive you know how they’ll fit.

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