The Weekender: Have You Considered Taking a Year Off?

Love the weekend? So do we. We love it so much we have the best of this week's reads for your weekend downtime:

Graduating? Have you considered taking a year off? [USA Today]

Pippa Middleton apparently had a wild child past. [Huff Post]

On a dating spiral into nowhere? Maybe your "type" isn't ideal for you. [College Crush]

Get out of your finals rut and give into Saint-Tropez style to embrace summer. [Style]

Unemployed senior? Being unemployed may be better for you than being unhappily employed. [College Cures]

You don't have to be going to a high school prom to rock a chic updo. [Her Campus]

Get your hands on the best working out threads to match your type of fitness regimen. [Self]

5 superpowers every college girl probably wants to have [College Candy]

Cool ways to use everyday food items to make awesome birthday cakes. [Hostess Blog]

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