Foodie: Celebrate Spring with a Picnic

As Spring season brings flowers and beautiful days; more outdoor activities come into play. This means the height of the picnic season is in store. Whether the picnic is a romantic getaway, a friendly outing, or a solo meal, this menu plan is for ensure fabulous food and fun.

After setting up a spot under a shady tree, start with a fresh, simple appetizer.

Tomato and Feta Cucumber Salad

1 package cherry tomatoes, cut in half
Feta cheese, 1 cup crumbled
1 large cucumber
1 teaspoon red vinegar
1 tablespoon olive oil

Chop tomatoes and cucumber in bite size pieces. Sprinkle feta cheese on top of mixture. Pour red vinegar and olive oil and mix around. Bon Appetite!

The main course a la picnic style, both healthy and delicious:

Red Pepper Basil Hummus Sandwich

2 slices whole grain bread
2 tablespoon traditional hummus
1 red pepper – chopped
1 teaspoon basil

Spread hummus on whole grain bread. Layer 1 table spoon of hummus on the bread. Sprinkle basil on hummus. Next, layer chopped red pepper ,the final tablespoon of hummus and the last slice of whole grain bread.

Lastly, something sweet to tempt your sweet tooth:

Spring Time Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries

As many strawberries as desired
Dark chocolate bar (preferably 70% or above)

Wash strawberries. Microwave chocolate bar until liquid consistency. Dip strawberries in dark chocolate. Put strawberries on wax paper and let sit for about 30 minutes.

This entire meal is portable via plastic Tupperware containers for convenience sake. It truly is the best time of the year to enjoy a pretty day so grab a blanket and go to your nearest park for a spring time picnic!

By: Maggie Young | Image: Source

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