Five Ways to Impress Your Boss This Summer

You've landed an awesome internship opportunity this summer or your post-college job, but don't celebrate and take it easy too soon. You now need to stay on the good side of your supervisor to not only keep your job, but also to ensure that you have a contact who can say good things about you for future endeavors. 

Study the Company
Don't expect to be taught everything you need to know about your position while on the clock. If you walk in having looked up press coverage of the company, read newsletters and essentially just stalked Google, you'll be able to offer good insight if ever asked to give an opinion. Not only will this impress your colleagues, but your boss certainly won't overlook the fact that you did a little extra homework.

Get to Know Him/Her
We're not saying get every personal detail about his or her life, but observe the way he or she interacts with other employees. Tailor your behavior and communication style to what you have noticed elicits a positive reaction from your boss. If he or she does start to open up more and talk about non-work-related topics, merely listen. Don't overstep your professional boundaries by offering advice or opinions because it could be a slippery slope of oversharing.

Go Above and Beyond

Get a feel for the office or company. If the dress is business casual, lean more toward business professional, unless it's totally strange to show up in a blazer and all the bells and whistles. Stay within the dress code, but make sure you always look the part. It's better to be somewhat overdressed than under dressed. Arrive a little early and leave after your coworkers. Finished with your workload before you have to leave? Ask for more work to do. Keep in mind there's a fine line between a diligent employee and a boss's pet, so don't cross it.

Have a Good Attitude
Project positivity, even if your boss just gave you the worst assignment possible. Clarify the expectations of the project, and smile as you accept the challenge eagerly. Again, don't be your boss's lapdog, but make sure it's obvious you are an asset to the company just from the way you carry yourself. Get along with your coworkers, and show that you are a team player, not just looking out for yourself.

It's the Little Things
If you head out to get a bite to eat, ask your supervisor if they want to join you. If not, ask to pick them something up. Don't do this too frequently or you'll become the coffee-grabbing intern. We all know what it's like to be so swamped you don't have time to take care of yourself, so a little favor every now and then is always appreciated. Give compliments when appropriate and when you actually mean them. If your supervisor is just as fashion crazy as you, point out how chic her new heels are.  If he or she is more strict and to the point, then show your appreciation for the way they handled the latest report. No need to overdo anything, it's just the little things that count toward how you're perceived at the end of the day.

Be the most professional and polite version of yourself. The next time you have to fill out a reference list, you'll know exactly who to put down that will sing your praises.

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