Ask Glossie: Knowing When to Leave

I recently had a friend get out of an abusive relationship, and she is having a hard time transitioning back to her normal self. This is puzzling to me because I don’t understand how you can miss someone that was so toxic to your life. This got me thinking that most people want someone so bad that they tolerate an abusive relationship rather than being alone. So, how do you know if your relationship is an abusive one?

There are certain characteristics that all abusive relationships have and they have been documented into The Power and Control Wheel. Although the wheel shown below is labeled for teens, it often applies to college students as well. The wheel lists the different type of abuse and the attributes that correspond with the kind of an abuse.

I know it's a hard reality to face but realizing that you are in a dangerous situation early on could save your life. The statistics surrounding girls and domestic violence is startling. One in three women have or know someone who has been abused and 80% of these women stay with the abusers.
Anyone that says they love you shouldn't be the one hurting you, so ladies be strong and do what's best for yourself and know that you deserve a healthy relationship! If a friend of yours is in an abusive relationship don't criticize her, her self-esteem is already vulnerable enough. Just be the support system she needs!

By: Jaclyn Smock | Picture and statistics from

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