Are College Relationships Worth Having?

With the warm weather and new fashion trends emerging from their winter break comes the age old question of summer love and a possible new romance for the upcoming college year. Is it worth having a boyfriend? Should you even try?

If your friends are anything like mine, they might try to steer you away from having a college relationship by persuading you that it simply isn't worth it or that you will just end up hurt. However, I believe that deep down inside, even these girls want somewhat of a "college sweetheart" or simply a college dating life at the end of the day.

Some girls say that you shouldn't worry about having a boyfriend in college because it is either simply unnecessary, doubtful, a lack of college freedom or will end in heartbreak. Personally, I choose to take a lighter and more optimistic approach to this question and state that, yes while all of the above could happen, the key word here is could. Anything in the world could happen, but it doesn't mean it will. If you are lucky enough to make a connection with a guy in college and you feel something, why not jump in? Whatever happened to being spontaneous?

My advice to all of you hopeless romantics (like me) out there is to enjoy your youth. Go out, date whomever you believe worthy, get to know guys, dance around, kiss and most importantly have fun. I am by no means advising to hook up around your school and create a "name" for yourself, because we all know how damaging that type of reputation can be. Rather, I'm telling you gorgeous readers that you are in school for a reason, so of course study hard to get the career of your dreams one day, but also, don't forget that you are a girl and deserve some romantic attention also! Either way, relationships in college can be fun and worth it. Just use the same brains that landed you in college to choose the right one!

What do you think? Are college relationships worth having?

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  1. Considering my parents, and the majority of my friends' parents, met in college, I'd say their worth having. But hey, this is the South. Everyone's married by the time they graduate college it seems.

  2. I think that like with most things, it's worth trying at least. I met my current boyfriend my first day at university and ended up dating a week in. We went out for over a year and it was the best relationship I have ever had. However, our lives were changing and eventually we drifted apart. My next two years were spent mostly single. I hooked up with guys, dated a few, had a couple flings, but nothing terribly serious. Then in the middle of this past school year, my ex that I had from my first year and I rekindled our friendship and then started dating again soon after and I've been with him since with no intention of breaking up anytime soon. Things worked out really well for me, so I think college relationships are definitely worth trying because you never know who you may end up meeting.


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