The Weekender: Rethink Your Weekend Drinking

Rethink that vodka-Red Bull this weekend. Holy hangover! [College Cures]

Roberto Cavalli designed Easter eggs based on his signature animal prints. [Born Rich]

It's not too early to start finding the perfect graduation dress for you lucky seniors. [Love Twenty]

Achieve a perfect boho-chic look, complete with a glorious statement necklace. [College Fashionista]

Want to provide a serious crowd-pleaser at your Easter get-togethersthis weekend? [Shine]

Sick of your monotonous workout? Start doing some alternative exercises to the ol' elliptical. [Her Campus]

Get a list of some of the commencement speakers for this year's college graduations. [Huffington Post]

If you're in dire need of a new hair color, check out Mandy Moore's new copper hue. [Stylelist]

See if your signature scent makes the cut for top perfumes that guys dig. [Seventeen]

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