If Computer Keyboard Functions Worked in Real Life

What if your computer functions worked in real life? The possibilities to edit your life are endless if you have the ability to backspace, delete, and undo your mistakes. If computer functions worked in the real world...

Find (Ctrl+F)
There have been numerous times when I wished that Ctrl+F could be used outside of the computer. I wish I could just Ctrl+F and find that one top I wanted to wear today, or Ctrl+F and find a specific paragraph I know I read last week in my biochemistry textbook. Where is my boyfriend? Ctrl+F. Lost my wallet? Ctrl+F.

Undo (Ctrl+Z)
We've all wanted to take back something we've done or said. If we could simply Ctrl+Z, so many stupid mistakes could have been taken back immediately. Sent your dad a text you were sending to your boyfriend? Accidentally said something you regret? Ctrl+Z. Alexandra Wallace could even take back her Asians in the Library video.

Copy & Paste (Ctrl C + Ctrl V)
Imagine never having to redo the same thing over and over again; all you have to do is copy and paste. You'll never have to explain the same thing twice, or argue over what exactly happened. Just copy the original memory and paste it!

In a predicament? Just press the Esc key and you can make your escape. This leaves less chances for awkward situations and having to face embarrassing moments.

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