Alcohol Consumption Affects Your GPA

A new study shows that alcohol consumption is one of the best predictors of college grades. In fact, it suggests students' grades directly correlate to the amount of time they spend getting their drink on.

Well, duh. This probably doesn't come across as much of a surprise to most college students. However, interestingly the study also found that the amount of time spent on Facebook and social media websites does not negatively correlate with students' GPAs. Sadly, now it seems like I can't even blame disappointing grades on Facebook.

Also interesting to note is that college students are studying much less than they ever did before. In fact, in the 1960's, college students studied on average 24 hours a week. Just six years ago in 2005, hours spents studying dropped to 11 hours. Now, students only spend 7.25 hours studying a week on average.

What do you think about this study?

Source: Daily Beast
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