What's In Your Bag? How to Organize Your Handbag

By CG Staff
What's in your handbag? Do you ever have trouble finding stuff as you rummage around in your purse?

The inside of my bag used to be nuts. I would drop my phone into my bag while signing a paper or picking something up, then have to rummage around for it for a good two to three minutes just to find it again. Chapped lips? Need a tissue? Hold on a second, I need to search this abyss that is my bag. I also hated transferring bags because I had to take every single thing out one by one.

Fortunately, I recently discovered the secret to organizing your handbag: put everything into smaller bags.

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I'm not kidding! Transferring bags is now a cinch too now that I can just grab a few small makeup bags and drop them into the other purse. Here's how to organize your purse into smaller bags:

Take your wallet, phone, planner/notebook, keys, and pepper spray aside.
These will sit in your bag or in one of the pockets that come with your bag. Feel free to organize as you please. Your pepper spray should sit somewhere easily accessible. If you don't have pepper spray, I highly encourage you to get one; you never know when you could need it.

Essentials Bag
This bag should carry your everyday essentials, whether it be a chapstick, hand sanitizer, or a pack of tissues. This bag is your home away from home.

Recommended items: Tissues, gum, lip balm, lotion, hand sanitizer, face wipes, a few bobby pins and hair ties,  extra contact lenses, mini hairbrush, female hygiene items, medication you need

Makeup Bag
Depending on how much makeup you carry, you could combine this bag with the essentials bag. However, if you're carrying a couple makeup items, you might want to store them in their own bag.

Recommended items: Lip gloss or balm, tinted moisturizer, mascara, mini mirror, blotting paper, and any makeup essentials

Pens/Stationary Case
Whether you're still in school or you're working, it's good to invest in a plastic pencil case/bag. There are numerous black, blue, and highlighter-colored streaks all over the insides of my handbags thanks to carrying my pens around unprotected.

Recommended items: pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, sticky labels

You can also store these in small bags to make your bag just a little tidier: cameras, IPods and earphones, a folded spare tote bag tied with a ribbon (for groceries or just in case), and small snacks.

What's in your bag? What do you carry with you everyday? How many bags do you own?

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  1. You are right, all college women should carry pepper spray. It's better to be safe than sorry girls


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