Three Smartphone Games I'm Addicted To

Even though they're still a recent invention, sometimes it's hard to imagine just how I got through life before smartphones. Not only can I call and text my friends, but I also can check my email, go on almost any website, watch videos, listen to music, find my way to anything without consulting a real map, and best of all, I can spend even more time procrastinating with this ridiculously addicting smartphone games.

Angry Birds
Even if you don't have a smartphone, you've probably played this game (or at least heard of it.) In this game, you basically slingshot angry-looking birds to try to destroy green pigs that all have lazy eye. Somehow, this game is wildly addicting and has this magical effect on me where it turns me into a very, very angry person. If you find me shouting at a phone and darting wild glares in all directions, I'm probably playing Angry Birds. Still, I can't stop.

Words With Friends
The crazy thing about Words With Friends is that it's basically just Scrabble, except you're playing with your friends 24/7. Somehow, WWF is far more addicting than the real life game itself, and nothing brings me more excitement than to find out it's my turn and that I have just the letters to make a triple word.

That's right, I play Pokemon on my phone. Don't try to deny you didn't play it when you were a kid too on old school Gameboys (remember those?) Now I get to relive those childhood memories by walking through wild grass, throwing Pokeballs at wild Pokemon, and having epic Pokemon battles with gym leaders again. Gotta catch 'em all!

Please don't judge me.

What are your favorite smartphone games?

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