How to Rock Your Resume

With internship application season coming around, we're calling you out: it's time to update your resume. Whether you're a seasoned resume veteran or a first time resume writer, you'll want to follow these guidelines:

Keep it simple.
Your resume should only be one or two pages long. Make it easy for your potential employer to find information about you by separating sections on education, work experience, skills, leadership, and awards.  Keep the content in one simple font and black ink. Make sure the title of each section (e.g. Work Experience) is in bold or somehow distinguished from the rest of the text.

Update your information.
If you're still in college, you probably move around every year.  Make sure your address, cell phone number, and e-mail address are current and correct.

Be specific.
You did what? Specifically state what you did at each job or in each organization.  Use active verbs to describe your job duties. You want to stand out among a sea of applicants who "helped with administrative duties."

High school doesn't count.
Cut the high school information.  Unless you're a first semester freshman, high school extra curricular activities are irrelevant.  Too much high school information can make you look like you haven't done much since then, and can clutter up your resume.  The only exception is if you have relevant work experience from high school; we say leave it in.

Scour for typos.
You might be a qualified, amazing candidate, but one or two typos in your resume will have the employer believing that you're not serious about the job.  Have someone else proofread your resume just to make sure you didn't miss any yourself.

List relevant information first.

Although there's debate whether you should put most recent or most relevant information first, we're on Team Most Relevant.  Employers often only spend minutes, if not seconds, looking over resumes, and first impressions are important.  While it's great that you're working at Starbucks this semester, employers will be much more impressed that stellar law internship you did last summer.

Take the time to update your resume, and check back for more information on internships and careers!

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