Get Clear Skin on a College Lifestyle

By Mariya Topuzova
Few of us are blessed with clear skin, and for those of us who aren't, zits can be annoying pests that pop up at all the wrong times. Women in their twenties are less likely to suffer from acne than teenagers, but many college women still deal with break outs.  As a college student who suffered from acne, here are my rules to keeping my skin clear on a college lifestyle:

Exfoliate Your Skin
To keep your skin clear, get rid of those dead skin cells and clear the pores by exfoliating every few days.  Common face exfoliating cleansers can be found in your local drugstore.

Use Face Wash, Moisturizer, and Skin Products Consistently
If you have yet to use a daily face wash, get one as soon as possible.  Over the counter products are great if you get a few blemishes at a time. The most typical acne treatments contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

If your acne is on the severe side, don't just wait until it gets better.  If possible, go see a dermatologist, who can set up a program fitted to your skin type. You can try a million cleansers, but if you wait too long, you will risk leaving permanent scars that can stay with you for life.  When I finally went to see a dermatologist about my acne, my skin cleared just a month later.

Be Gentle
Cleanse gently and don't wash more than two or three times a day.  Also, avoid applying too much pressure on zits and blemishes as this can irritate a white head and turn it into a nasty pimple.

Change Your Pillowcase Regularly
Change your pillowcase regularly to avoid bacteria from building up and continually contaminating your skin as you sleep.

Don't Squeeze Your Pimples
As tempting as it may be, squeezing pimples will spread the bacteria on your face and can result in even more pimples forming around that area.

What are your acne-fighting tips?

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