Featured Blogger: Hillary of Nutrition Nut on the Run

By Maggie Young
Looking for some inspiration on how to live a life of health, happiness and balance in college? Student blogger Hillary Parker has that covered. She blogs about nutrition, running, life, positivity and health. We interviewed the healthy blogger to get the inside scoop on how to achieve a balanced college life and get involved with the blogging world!

How did you get started blogging?
I created my own blog in November of 2009 after discovering the world of food/health living blogs the summer prior. Reading blogs started becoming a part of my daily routine; the more I read, the more inspired I became to have a space of my own.

What is your biggest 'blogging' tip for aspiring bloggers in college?

I will not try to hide the fact that maintaining a blog while being a full-time student is tough at times. Readers appreciate consistency, so aim for regular posting as much as possible (something I need to improve myself!). Also, add your own personal touch to your blog; show us what you're all about. Don't be intimated by the "big bloggers" either. Create something you're proud of, write about what's important to you and you'll be rewarded with successful satisfaction.

What would be your number one fitness tip for college girls?

It's tough to narrow it down to just a single tip, but if I must: mix it up! Perhaps you're an elliptical enthusiast or are in a cycling craze, but try not to not get fixed on one particular activity/exercise. Mix in some anaerobic exercise (BodyPump, Pilates, yoga), or take a break from the track one day with a refreshing swim in the pool. Cross-training, in technical terms, will challenge all your muscles and keep your motivation up!

What do you personally get out of blogging?

I honestly can't imagine my life without blogging now. It has brought so much enjoyment to my everyday routine. Not only do I love having a space to share my love for food, fitness, writing, and general well-being, but I love the positive feedback I get from my readers. In the past, I felt "alone" - in the sense that I was the only health-nut college student - but blogging has allowed me to establish my niche and share it with like-minded people around the globe.

What is your favorite healthy meal?

Again, just one!? My favorite way to start the day is with a whopping bowl of whipped banana oatmeal รก la chia or flax seed, cinnamon, vanilla and nut butter of course! For a quick, easy dinner after a hard workout, I'll cook up a pot of quinoa and top it off with black beans, salsa, avocado and goat cheese - mmm.

What advice would you give to busy college ladies that would like to start running and training for races?

Create a realistic plan. If you are taking 16 units and working 20 hours a week, training for marathon may not be in the books at the moment. See if your university has a running group, or ask a friend if they're interested in signing up for a race with you. If you're new to running/racing, having a training partner will make all the difference. In addition, don't fret "rest days". College life can be hectic and we all have to be spontaneous once in a while. Take care of your body and mind first, train second :)

What do you believe are the main components of a healthy college lifestyle?

Balance. Just as I strive to eat a balanced diet, I try to keep my life as balanced as possible between academics, training, interning/work, my social life... and sleep! When you find yourself hyper-focused on one aspect of your life (for example, a chemistry exam), intervene with a relaxing yoga class or lunch with a friend. Living a healthy college life is not as difficult as one may think. I believe that a healthy lifestyle is ultimately reached when one stops trying to be healthy and just lives healthy.

These tips are sure motivate you to live your college life mindfully. Check out Hillary's blog, Nutrition Nut on the Run, to read more about her adventures in food, fun, and exercise!

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