Decor DIY: Display Your Scarves on a Clothesline

Have a large collection of scarves but don't know where to store them? All of my scarves end up in a storage box in my closet when I'm not using them. However, I love the patterns and colors on my scarves, so I'm quite taken by this method of both storing and displaying them.

All you need to do this DIY project is twine, pins or hooks that can be pushed into your walls and a pack of clothespins. You can find all of these at most craft stores.

Photo by Lillian Day (via Lovely Undergrad)
First, tack your pins or hooks into your wall. They should be spaced apart in the distance that you want your clothesline to hang. Next, double knot one end of the twine to one pin, then bring your twine to the other end. Make sure that the twine isn't extremely taut or tight. Then tie the other end to second pin or hook and cut the twine. Finally, place your clothespins on the twine and clip the middle of your scarf so the two ends hang down.

Enjoy your new wall decor!

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