What Resources to Use to Find Stellar Internships

Internships are not just about gaining experience for your resume.  They are an opportunity to see whether you truly want to pursue the field after graduation, to make connections, and to learn skills you might call upon after college.  However, not all internships are equal. At some, you might be toting coffee and organizing files all day, but at others you might have the opportunity to become involved with hands-on projects. How do you know the difference?  Where do you find the stellar internships?
  • General: Intern Queen
    From PR to legal internships, Intern Queen has a valuable list of top notch internships available for college women.  Plus, their own interns give you the scoop on internship how-to's on the Intern Queen blog.
  • Journalism/Editorial: Ed 2010
    For America's next top journalists and editors, Ed 2010's internship postings give you the chance to work at top magazines as well as smaller publications.
  • Fashion: The Fashion Intern
    If you're set on entering the fashion industry, check The Fashion Intern, which posts internships on design, product management, PR, styling, and more. 
  • Business/Finance and Engineering:  Your school's recruitment process
    In both business and engineering, working with a national firm can give you a big leg up for jobs after graduation.  Universities often offer summer internship recruitment for business firms and engineering companies.  Make sure to check your school's Career Center to see when the recruitment process begins. 
  • Biology, Nursing, and Pre-Med: RIT's Internship List
    RIT has compiled a list of 2011 internships and summer programs for biomedical and pre-med students. Otherwise, volunteer at a professor's research lab or at your local hospital.  
  • Public Relations: PRSSA
    Interested in public relations?  PRSSA has an extensive list of public relations and social media internships from all over the nation.
  • Entrepreneurs: Youtern
    If you want real world experience in a start up company, Youtern is your stop.  With start up internships, you'll often get hands on experience working with the top of the company, and you'll get to see how they build their company from the ground up.
While internship recruitment goes on up until the beginning of summer, most of the coveted internships fill up by the end of winter or start of spring.  Start looking soon, and best of luck.

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