Wintry Ways to Exercise Without the Gym

By Maggie Young
When the temperature drops and you aren't feeling up to a gym visit, keep yourself in shape with these wintry work out ideas for both indoors and outdoors:

Get your dance on! Dancing is a perfect cardio option as well as a stress reliever. It's easy to do and makes for an endorphin-filled study break. Invite your friends to double the fun. Dancing incorporates a wide variety of muscles in the body so let loose and break out those moves. Put on your favorite jams and get moving!

Go for a winter walk or run. Make sure to bundle up in multiple layers so that you will feel comfortable. This is always a beneficial option because you can get some Vitamin D from the sun. This is also an excellent way to achieve the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Whether you go with a friend, or go solo, it will prove to be a refreshing activity for both your mind and body.

Strengthen your muscles within the comfort of your room! All you need is some motivation and a chair. You can hit most of the main muscle groups with some simple exercises. For the upper body, you can do push ups on the floor and tricep dips off the seat of your chair. To improve core muscular endurance, try traditional planks and side planks. For the lower body, incorporate simple squats and lunges. Mix and match these to your preference and aim for about 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps of each exercise depending on your fitness level! Remember to stretch those muscles out.

Get your zen on. Try some stress reducing yoga moves to not only improve flexibility, but to help you relax as well. To learn some simple moves and postures, click here (via Yoga Basics.) Basic poses include the bridge, cobra, downward dog, mountain, and warrior. All you have to do is pick up on a few of these stretches, turn on soothing music, and perform the empowering poses.

Play! Who says you can ever be too old to partake in the winter fun? Head out to an ice skating rink near you and lace up. Ice skating takes balance, core stability, and some leg power. It can also serve as cardio. If you go with friends, this scores as a double bonus: fun and exercise.
    Staying in shape doesn't require a daily visit to a workout facility, so get creative and enjoy some of these non-traditional ways to stay fit and healthy!

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