DIY: Cork-Infused Jewelry Holder

If you’re sick of having to detangle your necklaces every morning or having to get your earrings out of a drawer rather than having them in front of you, don't fret. We have found the perfect DIY project for you to showcase your jewelry: a wine cork frame jewelry holder!

What you need:
  • empty frame (any size, but keep in mind if it is large you will need more corks to fill it!)
  • cardboard (big enough to cover the back of the frame
  • many wine corks
  • glue gun
  • small screw hooks
  • nail and hammer

Once you have your materials, start with the frame. Either leave it how you bought it, or mix it up a bit by painting it a fun color or aging it. Then take the cardboard and cut it to fit as the backing of the frame.

You can mix the corks however you want, but we suggest making some vertical and some horizontal to switch it up. Also, make sure to have some point out so you can add the screws for necklaces. Once you have the corks organized how you want, glue them to the cardboard. Take the screws and screw them into the corks that are sticking out.

Whether you used the backing that came with the frame or purchased a frame without a backing and used cardboard, you have a few options for hanging. If you have the original backing, just set the frame up like a normal picture frame. If you made your own backing, take a nail and hammer and hang the frame!

Rings, necklaces or bracelets can be hung by the screws. Earrings with post backs can just be stuck straight into the corks. We suggest having a cute bowl or something underneath the frame to put backs in so you don't lose them! Dangling earrings, with hooks, can also be hung by the screws.

Hint: Consider the amount of earrings you have that will need to be hung by the screws when organizing the corks! Remember that you can make this project your own to fit your needs!

Project inspired by (and images from) Indulgy.

By: Julia Morgan | Images: 1, 2, 3

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